The Audience is
Part of the Show!

Xylobands feature 360ᶛ of bright light. With an array of colors and state-of-the-art LED’s Xylobands provide synchronized light effects to light up every person in your entire venue and create a unique and memorable group experience.

Xylobands LED Wristbands are the perfect addition for your corporate or private event, live music concert or large stadium sporting event.

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LED Lanyards can help make your event unique and memorable!


Lanyards have always been a key branding opportunity for companies interested in making their logos wearable for their team and/or prospective customers at events of all sizes.


Xylobands LED lanyards are a lightweight, versatile promotional product that incorporates our LED wristband technology with your company logo and/or brand message that can be worn by every person at an event, or just your team and special customers. How you use them, what colors and how you choose to incorporate RFID technology is up to you!


Imagine having a raffle at your booth and being able to light up the winner’s lanyard wherever they are at the show. Or being able to flash the lanyards different colors to keep the attention coming back to your brand. Our team can help you develop a strategy to make your event unique and memorable!


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