The Audience is
Part of the Show!

Xylobands feature 360ᶛ of bright light. With an array of colors and state-of-the-art LED’s Xylobands provide synchronized light effects to light up every person in your entire venue and create a unique and memorable group experience.

Xylobands LED Wristbands are the perfect addition for your corporate or private event, live music concert or large stadium sporting event.

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Xylobands USA branded iLoveNY

Dancing With The Stars Feature Xylobands

(video) XYLOBANDS USA – Light Up Your Audience!

Xylobands 360 degrees of Light!

Xylobands USA Orlando United

(video) Xylobands USA Color-Blocking

Xylobands Coldplay

Xylobands Glastonbury

Xylobands Meeting

Xylobands Meeting

Xylobands Rangers

(video) Arizona Coyotes LED Light Show

Xylobands USA Lights Up Phish Concert


TIESTO lights up Hakkasan Las Vegas with Xylobands USA

(video) Glowballs LED FX for special events

Adam Levine The Voice

360 Degrees of Light Xylobands

Floating Glowballs Light Up Outdoor Events

Glowballs Light-Up Atlantis Bahamas

Glowballs Light Up NY Knicks Opener

Glowballs Light Up NY Knicks Opener

Glowballs Light Up NY Knicks Opener


Arizona Coyotes light up with Xylobands

Xylobands Fill Arizona Coyotes Stadium With Light

(video) XylobandsUSA – ENERGIZE meetings – Indonesia

(video) PRODUCT LAUNCH! Meeting in Las Vegas

LED Lanyards

LED Lanyards

LED Lanyards

LED Lanyards fill MGM Grand with brilliant light

Glowballs – Light-Up Inflatables

The light from LED Lanyards creates unique shared experiences

(video) RADIO CITY MUSIC HALL Xylobands on Broadway!

Floating Glowballs Light Up Outdoor Events

Floating Glowballs Light Up Outdoor Events

Sharing the Light!

(video) SPARK MEETING Xylobands USA motivational shows

Lighting Up Hollywood

USHER album launch NYC event with iHeartRadio

Season opener for Arizona Coyotes with Xylobands

TMobile NYC Shakira – Xylobands USA

Xylobands CREATE Excitement!

Multicolored Xylobands

(video) Xylobands TableTops


(video) LED Lanyards Light Up Events

Xyloband LED lanyards lighting up conference attendees

Glowballs Light Up NY Knicks Opener

(video) Xylobands USA Holiday Tree LIGHTING EVENT Texas

(video) echosmith with LED wristbands by XylobandsUSA

Xylobands USA TableTops

(video) High-Energy Festival in Jamaica – Xylobands USA

(video) Xylobands USA – Molson Canadian

(video) Shakira concert -T-MOBILE in Bryant Park NYC

Tmobile Xylobands Branded

UFC – branded by Xylobands USA

Verizon Xylobands Branded

(video) Blue Man Group Xylobands USA – NY KNICKS

(video)* NBA Pre-Show Detroit Pistons – TLC Xylobands USA

(video) NBA Openers & halftime shows LED Wristbands

(video) Nu Skin Conference Salt Lake City

echosmith energizes audience with XylobandsUSA

Xylobands Digicel Jamaica Festival Poster


(video) NEW YEARS EVE – String Cheese Incident

(video) OSU – Oklahoma State University Homecoming

Radio City Music Hall – New York

Concert with echosmith – Xylobands USA

NY Knicks Madison Square Garden Xylobands USA

(video) iHeartRadio – CW POOL PARTY

SPRINT Xylobands

Food Network Xylobands USA

RED BULL @ EDC – Xylobands USA

Digicel JAMAICA XylobandsUSA

COORS branded Xylobands

Blue Man Group – Xylobands USA

Twitter – branded LED Wristbands

NY Rangers stadium Xylobands USA

Budlight Event Cancun

Orlando Corporate Event – XylobandsUSA

(video) SHARP HEALTHCARE – sales events

(video) ORIFLAME – corporate meeting event INDIA

(video) POWER-BANDS – corporate event

Glowballs Light-Up on water

Glowballs light up outdoor event

Glowballs changing colors at special event

Floating Glowballs Light Up Outdoor Events

COLDPLAY live on AMA’s – Xylobands USA

TLC TableTops Xylobands LED displays

Tabletop StarTrek TLC1

TLC XylobandsUSA DinnerTables1

TLC XylobandsUSA LED DinnerDecor1

TLC XylobandsUSA LED DinnerDecor2

TLC XylobandsUSA LED DinnerDecor3

LED Lanyards – XylobandsUSA

XylobandsUSA LED Lanyards Group

LED Lanyards – Xylobands USA

LED Lanyards – Xylobands USA

Branded LED Lanyards – Xylobands USA

Pakistan Super League Cricket 1

Pakistan Super League Cricket 2

TLC Multimedia Opener Show

Microsoft Conference – Xylobands USA

Xylobands USA private

Glow Balls Xylobands USA

Tabletop Xylobands private event

Holiday Tree Lighting – Xylobands USA

Glowballs Las Vegas Cosmopolitan Hotel

Xylos Rock NHL Denver

Xylobands rgb palette

Xylobands branding options

Smirnoff branded Xylobands

Coldplay Light up Wristbands

Amway branded Xylobands

Glowballs – Mexico City 2

Glowballs – 3 Mexico City

Chicago Blackhawks raise banner – Xylobands

Detroit Pistons color blocking Xylobands

Detroit Pistons NBA – Xylobands USA

Las Vegas Product Launch 1 Xylobands USA

Las Vegas Product Launch 2 Xylobands USA

Las Vegas Product Launch 3 Xylobands USA

Colorful Tabletops – Xylobands USA

Tabletop XylobandsUSA Mexico

(video) Night Race Mexico Xylobands USA

Radio City Music Hall

Video Game Awards Xylobands USA

Glowballs 1 Mexico City Xylobands

Glowballs 2 Mexico City Xylobands

Glowballs 3 Mexico City Xylobands

USHER on The Voice – Xylobands USA

X Japan – Madison Square Garden NY

Linkin Park live – Xylobands USA

Hollywood concert

Sharp Corporate Event

NuSkin Corporate Event

Green Corporate Event

NY Knicks XylobandsUSA2


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